summer 2015

Collaboration with my boo Craig Rodgers
   +Gas tank of my Dream Machine+


       A collaborative installation with Sculptor Meredith Younger, on view at AS220's Project Space through March 2015. Providence, Rhode Island  

These two artists combined forces to create an immersive installation that seamlessly pulls the audience between memory and dreams, using scavenged and collected materials from the man-made and natural worlds. Carefully conceived and executed original works play amongst these items curated from a life lived outside the boundaries.

Talismanic guides and animalian guards lead the way around children engaged in fireside rituals, through darkening woods, and into a mysterious fortress holding liminal visions of our first and final meditations. 

The storybook-like tableau features these iconic autonomous zones of childhood as staging grounds for explorations of initiation, transitional states, and new ways of telling the oldest stories-- Reminding us that in each moment we are ever changing, ever evolving, and ever becoming.

I love you Mer!

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222 bandana from awhile back
Hopefully more coming soon

found some gems the other day.

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